IT'S YOUR TIME! Leave it at the door and release on the dancefloor!

THE BACKGROUND:  EDM BODY FITNESS™ is the first dance party workout inspired by the amped-up beats and sweat dripping fun of Electronic Dance and Club Music. Launched in 2016 and is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

THE EXPERIENCE: The EDM BODY FITNESS™ experience is an explosion of attitude, energy, dance and music. Burn to the beats with our Dance Interval Training (D.I.T.) method that is the perfect fusion of dance and fitness intervals! Get fit, tone up and boost energy levels through easy-to-follow progressive moves that anybody can follow. This universal workout is designed for all fitness levels, as this class offers modifications for all to enjoy. 

THE CULTURE: EDM BODY FITNESS™ is more than exercise, it is a lifestyle movement that drives you to a place where you can release all inhibitions. A workout where people build and explore self confidence, this is a space to be free and to be yourself on the dancefloor!

For questions, event bookings, and instructor trainings, contact us at info@edmbody.com

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