Q & A on Training Workshop

Hey there Party Starter! Want to join in on our mission to energize and move the world? Awesome! – we’d love to have you on the team! Whether you’ve been teaching for years or are starting fresh, we’ll give you the tools you need to be successful. Join the movement of powerful, energetic and positive workouts that changes you from the inside out.

We want to be upfront and avoid surprises down the line. There are (2) options on beginning your journey as an EDM BODY FITNESS Instructor, you can register for the online training or an in-person training. So, before we dive into detail, here’s the bottom line on what’s required to become certified and stay certified with us:


– You will need access to a computer & internet to download your training materials.


1. Attending training does not guarantee certification.

2. After passing training, you need to submit an assessment video within 90 days to show that you are teaching a safe and effective class.

a. Please understand that submitting the video also does not guarantee certification, although feedback, tips and next steps are always provided.

b. You must receive an outcome of ‘PASS’ to complete the certification and be able to teach classes. There is no guarantee that all instructors will ‘PASS’ the assessment video.

c. If you have any questions about this prior to attending training, please feel free to contact us at

Q: Are there any requirements needed to become an EDM BODY FITNESS Instructor?

No, however it helps if you’ve already taken an EDM BODY FITNESS class before, or if you have previous experience in teaching group exercise classes.

Q: Do I need any special equipment for the online instructor training?

To participate in the EDM BODY FITNESS online training, you must have access to a computer with internet access, plus a space to dance in!

Q: May I videotape or record during training? 

Still image cameras are allowed. Video or motion pictures are not allowed.

Q: What should I bring to the instructor training?

You should bring plenty of water, a sweatshirt/jacket, a towel, healthy snacks and lunch. The right type of shoe is key to easy-flowing movement. We highly recommend wearing good and supportive shoes such as cross-trainers or dance-specific sneakers. Stay away from shoes that have a lot of tread at the bottom, as those are not meant for lateral/twisting motion. Although we provide an instructor manual, have a notebook and pen to take additional notes.

Q: What happens after the instructor certification? When can I start teaching? 

After completing the Instructor Training, and receiving a PASS after submitting your assessment video, you can begin teaching whenever you feel ready and comfortable. You are your own boss! Every instructor is an independent contractor, which gives you the flexibility and freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. at any facility you choose. Although the Instructor Training shows you how to teach as well as how to create an instructor plan for an EDM BODY FITNESS class, you may need to practice on your own, partner with a fellow instructor and take time to choose the right selection of music for your class. Consider borrowing from the video collection you receive at the Instructor Training to get started. 

Q: Where can I begin to teach EDM BODY FITNESS classes? 

The list is endless so get creative! Consider teaching online virtual workouts, at a park or outdoor space, dance studio, gym facilities, even partner with health and wellness events. Note that some fitness facilities require their instructors to have a general group exercise certification. The EDM BODY FITNESS program is considered a specialty certificate, just like spin or yoga. Ask your local fitness facility what their requirements are in order for you to teach at their facility. You can always obtain an EDM BODY FITNESS certificate first and then obtain a general certification. Some facilities may allow you to start teaching EDM BODY FITNESS classes as long as you have a EDM BODY FITNESS certificate and evidence that you are working to obtain a general certification. Two highly recognized certifications are ACE and AFAA. For details, go to or

Q. Can I share my materials and training information with anyone else? 

All of our Instructor materials are just for you. Please do not share your materials with anyone else. Your EDM BODY FITNESS instructor materials have copyrighted material on it that is not sharable.

Q. Have more questions? Contact us at

Let’s Talk Resources!
Join the Vibe Network the perfect tool and support to kickoff your classes!

Who can join the Vibe Network?
The VIBE Network is for individuals who have completed the EDM BODY FITNESS Instructor training workshop.

What is included in the Vibe network?
You receive three new choreography tracks + notes 
Marketing support
Class posting on
Exclusive 20% OFF apparel discount 
Event participation
Filming and photoshoot opportunities 
Instructor Community Support 

What is my initial term for the Vibe Network?
When you originally sign up for the Vibe Network, your membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis unless you cancel your membership according to EDM BODY FITNESS terms and conditions.

How long is my EDM BODY FITNESS license valid for?
If you register for and successfully complete the EDM BODY FITNESS training, your license is valid for one (1) year from the date you receive your official instructor certificate. However, as long as you are a VIBE Network member in good standing, your license to teach EDM BODY FITNESS classes will not expire.

How can I access the Vibe Network?
You will receive access via a link and password that will be provided once you sign up for the VIBE Network.

What is the monthly cost of the Vibe Network?
Cost for the network membership is $15.00 a month.

Is the Vibe Network included with my certification training cost?
No. The Vibe Network is a separate resource available to instructors. Registration is required. 

When are my Vibe Network payments due?
Payments will be processed on a monthly basis between the 1st and 5th day of every month. 

Can I temporarily discontinue my Vibe Network membership?
To arrange accommodations please contact corporate headquarters at

If I discontinue my Vibe Network can I activate in the future?
Your Network membership can be temporarily suspended for up to 3 months. Please contact corporate headquarters for arrangements at

As an EDMBF instructor am I required to join the Vibe Network to keep my certification active after the one year expiration date?
Yes. You will have (30 days) after your instructor certificate expiration date to join the Vibe Network and keep your certification active and in good standing..  

 If I have technical difficulties with the Vibe Network, who do I contact to fix the issues? Contact corporate headquarters at